Jared Macdonald – Barbecue Masterclass

Pitmaster Jared Macdonald

“Forget everything you think you know about Barbecue” with pitmaster Jared Macdonald.

If you are keen on learning tips and tricks to help master your summer bbq – YOU CAN’T MISS this!

Jared, is currently a judge on Cooks on Fire so we reckon he knows a thing or two about barbecue!!

The class will run Friday 25th November in the Barbecue area, from 5pm – 7.30pm and is free for all NZ Blues and Barbecue ticket holders.

Jared has loved food for as long as he can remember.  Preparing it.  Watching it cook.  Eating it.  And savouring all the different textures and flavour experiences that the culinary space offers.

 He was always going to follow his heart (and his stomach) into the gastronomic universe.  Upon leaving school, Jared was drawn to the Waikato Polytech Certificate in Cookery programme.  It was there that he developed skills in cheffing and hospitality, and serendipitously met Adrian, a fellow foodie, who would later became his business partner.

 His love of low and slow BBQ was ignited during a trip to South Carolina, in the south of the United States.  Jared was immediately smitten. Over time he became obsessed with cuisine characterised as cooking large low-value cuts of tough meat over low-temperature solid fuel fires until mouth-wateringly tender.

Upon returning home, he scoured the New Zealand culinary landscape, hoping to be able to satisfy his new addiction, but came up empty-handed.  The only viable option was to learn to cook low and slow BBQ for himself.

 His first venture was a rib shack pop-up, which delighted the surrounding neighbourhood.  As he refined his barbecue skills, he began to form ideas about how barbecue designs could be improved. Shortly thereafter, he launched Octopit, a revolutionary new approach to barbecue design, which has gone on to become a favourite among both backyard barbecuers as well as serious contenders of the Australasian competitive barbecue scene.

 The rib shack evolved into Texas Pete’s BBQ, which is a tastebud destination.  Jared and Adrian operate two Texas Pete’s BBQ restaurants in Hamilton, with plans to grow and share the good news of the BBQ gospel across New Zealand and Australia.

 “Professional development” for Jared comes in the form of competitive cooking all over New Zealand and internationally.  Jared captains the More Better BBQ team which has placed top five for the last five years in the New Zealand Barbecue Alliance competition series. He has cooked Churrescarda in Brazil, hosted the Meatstock Pitboss Live stage in both New Zealand and Australia, and was part of Team Cool Smoke, who won the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest in Memphis, Tennessee 2019.

 Jared is of European and Maori (Ngati Porou) ancestry, is married to Meshweyla and they have three sons; Liddell, Veyron and Casson.

On the Saturday 26th November you might just find him competing at our BBQ Comp!
Read about his pit crew here – More Better BBQ


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