The Tattooed Butcher

We hope you’ll be at the festival on Saturday afternoon because you don’t want to miss out on the Tattooed Butcher’s demo!

Let’s hear more from the Tattooed Butcher himself:

“My butchery career started 14 years ago as a night shift worker in a small butcher shop, from there I learnt the basics and managed to work my way up into a butchery apprenticeship at the age of 17.

 Six months into my apprenticeship I entered my first competition which really opened my eyes and instantly got me hooked! from there I competed in multiple competitions across New Zealand gaining a massive amount of knowledge and experience which eventually created opportunity’s to work alongside the best butchers in the country and overseas. 

Fast forward to 2022 and I have now competed in countless competitions across the world while also being a multiple Upper North island butcher of the year winner, NZ butcher of the year winner in 2020, NZ best beef product winner 2020, International butcher wars podium finisher and a current member of the NZ Sharp blacks since 2019 (National butchery team) 

With my butchery knowledge also comes my love for cooking, quite often spending my weekends playing with flavour combinations and also getting the opportunity to grow my skills by working alongside some of the best chefs in the country!

In 2019 “The Tattooed Butcher” was born when I walked on stage in a butchery competition in Sydney and has stuck ever since! Now turning into my business giving me the opportunity to do demos, cooking & catering, recipes, Brand ambassador work, clothing, a knife range and butcher blocks!”


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